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Do you know what type of marijuana seeds you want?

Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa are the three different types of cannabis seeds, believed to have come from Central Asia. Nowadays most cannabis seeds are a hybrid of Indica cannabis seeds and Sativa cannabis seeds with some weed seeds strains more genetically dominant in one or the other of the cannabis seeds pick.

Sativa cannabis seeds grow into a tall, thin plant with an abundance of branches, flowering between ten and fourteen weeks and providing a high yield. Because of its high T.H.C levels it is good for helping with depression, improve concentration and also for the relief of nausea and increase appetite. This makes it extremely good for helping to treat people who are undergoing chemotherapathy or suffering with AIDS. Sativa is known as the "Day" high as it acts more like a stimulant. 

Indica cannabis seeds strains however, grow into short, compact plants, flowering between eight and twelve weeks and also producing high yields. Due to their higher levels of C.B.D Indica cannabis seeds strains produce a more physical hit, helping to relax the body. This makes them medically very helpful with acute pain, insomnia, migraines and can also help to reduce seizures. Indica is known as the "Night" high as it acts like a relaxant. Lots of medical cannabis seed growers are looking for high CBD content and low THC content when they buy cannabis seeds, marijuana seeds.

Ruderalis, although being a rather small weed-like strain that is low in T.H.C, it is often used for crossbreeding. Thus producing plants that, regardless of the photocycle, will flower after a short time producing hybrid, autoflowering plants.

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