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SuperCBDx is the first high CBD/low THC seed available anywhere.

SuperCBDx will produce approximately 200% more CBD than any CBD hemp plant (5%CBD).

It will produce a minimum of 50% more CBD than any CBD photo period plant yet discovered (7-12%). None of these other CBD plants are available in seed form.

Every SuperCBDx seed will produce a genetic duplicate, 17 +% CBD, with CBD/THC ratios of 24-26:1, with no psycho activity.
Their genetics produce dependable genetic results. No other CBD seeds available can make this claim, be they photo period, hemp, or auto flowering.

SuperCBDx is also harvested earlier for maximum CBD production than any other CBD plants, between when the first and second set of pistels begin to turn brown.

Superior, higher levels of CBD production in less time. Minimum psycho activity. Dependable CBD genetic production (no gamble). More CBD medicine 50%-200% than anything else yet discovered.

SuperCBDx is also a hardy plant
Higher, dependable CBD production, robust terpene profiles, in much less time, minimum if any psycho activity, & 16 + % less expensive than anything else currently available.

SuperCBDx has been crossed with other strains which are sold on this site!
  • AK47 x SCBDX

    AK47 was named after the Russian Kalashnikov rifle for the “one hit” effects that the s...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Amnesia Haze x SCBDX

    Sativa-heavy Amnesia Haze comes from two specific sets of genetics bred by Soma Seeds a...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Bama Yao x SCBDX

    For those of you that don’t know Bama Yao Autonomous County is a county in Guangxi, Chi...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Black Critical x SCBDX

    The infamous Critical Bilbao crossed with Black Russian has been crossed with SCBDx to ...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Black Kush x SCBDX

     Black Label Kush is a powerful Indica dominant hybrid that has a flowering period ran...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Blue Cheese x SCBDX

    Blue Cheese was created by crossing a Blueberry male with an original U.K. Cheese femal...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Blueberry Headband x SCBDX

    This super high yielder, known for its vigorous veg growth and tight internodal stackin...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Cheese x SCBDX

    The number one strain to have come out of the UK is without a doubt Cheese, hailing fro...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Critical Mass x SCBDX

    By far the best strain to have come out of the Basque region is Critical Bilbao, any ot...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Diesel x SCBDX

    Soma Diesel is legendary in its own right and has been used by so many breeders to prod...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Emerald Jack x SCBDX

    Emerald Jack grows tall quickly, doubling in size after moving into the flowering cycle...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Grapefruit x SCBDX

    Growing very moderately throughout the vegetative state, this strain does not accelerat...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Jack Flash x SCBDX

    Descendant of the original Jack Herer Jack Flash has the bulk and vigor of her Afghani-...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Jack Here x SCBDX

    Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has gained global notoriety just l...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Lemon Haze x SCBDX

    Here we have blended together our best Lemon OG Kush with Original Haze and White Widow...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Lost Coast x SCBDX

    This signature OG is a great example of what California has become famous for. We cross...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • NYC Diesel x SCBDX

    Bred by Soma Sacred Seeds, NYC Diesel (or Soma Sour Diesel) is a 60% sativa-dominant cr...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • OG Kush x SCBDX

    Urban myth pertains that Chemdawg and Hindu Kush parented OG Kush, passing on the disti...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Queen Mother x SCBDX

    Hailing out of southern Spain Queen mother is a pure sativa that is a legend across Eur...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Royal Purple Kush x SCBDX

    The distinctive sweet taste of the Black Afghani mother is enhanced by the peppery and ...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Sage n Sour x SCBDX

    Sage N Sour is a Sativa dominant hybrid bred by TH seeds known for it’s great scent and...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • San Francisco OG x SCBDX

    Not to be confused with the San Fernando Valley OG this version of Kush comes from a lo...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Skunk No1 x SCBDX

    The fore runner to almost everything that has been bred out of Holland the original Sku...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Somango x SCBDX

    Somango is best grown as a multiple branch plant, since its genetics encourage long sid...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Sour Diesel x SCBDX

    This Sativa based plant hails out of Mexico and has a smell and taste like no other it ...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Super Silver Haze x SCBDX

    Crossed from about half Original Haze, a quarter Northern Lights #5 and a quarter Skunk...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Sweet Cheese x SCBDX

    Sweet Cheese is a 70% sativa strain that combines the potency and unique flavor profile...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • Sweet Tooth x SCBDX

    Spice of Life’s Steve has been refining Sweet Tooth for over 20 years and as the name s...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

  • White Widow x SCBDX

    This world renowned strain was first bred in Holland in 1987 by Ingemar but was not mad...

    Bundle packs available from £10.80

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