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Seeds of Africa is proud to present to you, a fresh range of authentic, native African cannabis sativa strains. Straight from the high mountains and valleys of beautiful Africa, their seeds are hand selected and freshly packed, guaranteeing the highest standards in quality. With the purest genetics, Seeds of Africa seeds are the perfect match for any creative cross pollination, giving you the freedom to create infinite varieties of your own. So, have fun and take home a little piece of Africa.

Buy Seeds of Africa Cannabis Seeds online, individually or in full packs. The #1 place to buy single seeds and Seeds of Africa Cannabis Seeds.

  • Coffee Gold

    Coffee Gold is named after a place where the local tribes call it medicine....

    Bundle packs available from £41.00

  • Durban Magic

      Durban Magic is an indigenous strain found all over Durbans countryside. ...

    Bundle packs available from £41.00

  • Malawi Gold

      This Notorious strain, also known as chamba is grown exclusively in the C...

    Bundle packs available from £41.00

  • Misty Kei

      The Misty Kei long, slender buds shine with a lime green and purple tint....

    Out of Stock

  • Mozambica

      It has been said that the strain had arrived on African soil due to Arab ...

    Out of Stock

  • Pondo Mystic

    Pondo Mystic is a landrace sativa strain name from an ancient tribe. The pl...

    Bundle packs available from £41.00

  • Swazi Gold

      Swazilands gold, grows tall and plentiful. Its mountainous origin makes i...

    Bundle packs available from £41.00

  • Zim-Licious

      This South African seeds is perfect for the avid grower and has a superb ...

    Bundle packs available from £41.00

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