Secret Valley

Cannabis Seeds

Secret Valley breeds their strains to be very dependable and hardy for the growers that demand strains with heavy yield and top quality. Some of these strains are already commonly known to be of the highest quality. Secret Valley has grown out a large amount of parent stock and breed with only the very best of thousands of cannabis seeds.

Buy Secret Valley Cannabis Seeds online, individually or in full packs. The #1 place to buy single seeds and Secret Valley Cannabis Seeds.

  • Brainwarp

      There's nothing like the original Texada Timewarp clone, except maybe a m...

    Bundle packs available from £25.00

  • Jamaican Grape

      This wonderful Cannabis strain is a sweet Jamaican Sativa that has been m...

    Bundle packs available from £25.00

  • Northern Flame

      Northern Flame consists of genetics from the following well-known popular...

    Bundle packs available from £25.00

  • Purple Pineberry

      This hybrid of the Purple Pineberry was made with one of Secret Valleys p...

    Bundle packs available from £25.00

  • Top Dollar

      Secret Valley's special skunk strain that has been a hit here in BC for y...

    Bundle packs available from £25.00

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