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R-kiem seeds, cooperative founded in 1998 after the collaboration of growers and breeders nationally and internationally. Our main goal has always been the preservation of genetic, by upbringing and development of new hybrids and polyhybrids. With this, we have managed to keep up the essence of our strains originals. Our seed collection is done by hand, ensuring the best selection among them, under constant temperature and humidity control for optimal preservation.

The maintenance and development of our genetics is carried out from the results of 100% organic crops.

  • Icer

      FATNESS! Is a characteristic of this strain, the width of the resin gland...

    Bundle packs available from £6.96

  • Negra 44

    åÊ After many years of work and preservations with genotypes from our nieig...

    Out of Stock

  • Portela

    åÊ This variety is the result of a cross between a Sativa Jamaican male and...

    Bundle packs available from £7.68

  • R-Kiem

    åÊ In the 90's Kush strains caused a strong imapct in USA and CANADA. R-kie...

    Bundle packs available from £5.00

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