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Dr Underground cannabis seeds only started producing and creating  fantastic feminised cannabis seeds in the first decade of 21st century. All of Dr. Underground marijuana seeds stains are a definite 99.9% guaranteed feminised hybrid.  Dr. Underground are only using the most upto date hydroponic grow systems to produce their top quality eight feminized cannabis seeds strains.
  • Auto King Kong

    Auto King Kong cannabis seeds by Dr. Underground takes the unbridled power of their fla...

    Out of Stock

  • Auto Melon Gum

      From our great success Melon Gum now we present the automatic version att...

    Bundle packs available from £15.00

  • Brooklyn Mango

      Dr Underground Brooklyn Mango The study for the creation of Brooklyn Mang...

    Bundle packs available from £15.00

  • Crystal M.E.T.H.

      This plant is an absolutely psychedelic experience. A plant this is for f...

    Bundle packs available from £17.00

  • Hell Stone

    Info coming soon!

    Out of Stock

  • King Kong

     King Kong Seeds Resin, and speed production, in that order are the main values of this...

    Bundle packs available from £12.00

  • Kong 47

    Our King Kong " butal cut " x an amazing Ak-47 ( Serious Seeds original seeds cut selec...

    Bundle packs available from £14.00

  • Melon Gum

      A delicacy in size- extra large. This plant was originally a whim, lookin...

    Bundle packs available from £15.00

  • Painkiller

      After working closely with various medicinal growers, Painkiller has been...

    Bundle packs available from £14.00

  • U-Pink Kush

      Dr. Underground rescued this gem from the old Reeferman Pink Kush stock s...

    Out of Stock

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