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With over 20 years of marijuana growing experience in the team Dankonomics bring a whole heap of quality to the table. They use only the best elite clones and seed lines to create vigorous and healthy hybrids, all grown organically in recycled soil. Seeds are over-matured and cured to ensure they store well and remain in tip-top shape for when you need to sprout them. They don't believe in marketing gimmicks or 'topical' strain names, just well bred, intensely tasty and easy to grow cannabis strains which will leave you seriously happy with yield and final product. This small but perfectly formed line of regular and feminized cannabis seeds is sure to satisfy even the most picky seeker of the dank!
  • Chocolate Stardawg

    The pre 98 bubba kush meets the stardawg, a vast improvement upon the notoriously slow ...

    Out of Stock

  • Funk Dawg

    Clusterfunk the 91 chem powerhouse meets stardawg the chem 4 x tres dawg (chem d bx3) t...

    Out of Stock

  • Goji Dawg

    A select goji og f1 cut was used that Dankonomics has had for a few years now. It's an ...

    Out of Stock

  • Strawberry Stardawg

    The strawberry diesel v2, with stardawg instead of Rezs sour diesel Ibl. Kyle kushmans ...

    Out of Stock

  • Whitefire Funk

    All we got on this strain is that its fire as hell, white and dayum funky.Oh and the ge...

    Out of Stock

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