Critical Mass Collective

Cannabis Seeds
 PukkaBudz are proud to introduce Critical Mass Collective Seeds.
Critical Lee's strains have all been created using the highly acclaimed strain Monster Mass. Ensuring that all Critical Mass strains are famous for their extreme power, zealous growth and monumental yields.
All strains are then put through a rigorous grading system before they are even considered for endorsement.
  • Auto Massassin

    This plant is extremely vigorous when it enters its flowering phase, forming humongous,...

    Bundle packs available from £8.00

  • Auto Masszar

     A compact, super dank Afghani hybrid with dark green narrow leaves and strong, fragran...

    Bundle packs available from £8.00

  • Monster Mass

    Monster Mass is the perfect strain for both outdoor and indoor cultivation due to its e...

    Bundle packs available from £8.00

  • Psychotropic Mass

    Indoor Psychotropic Mass will require a proper supplementation of nutrients for its max...

    Bundle packs available from £8.00

  • Purple Skunk Mass

    80% of phenotypes are tall and slender with a typical Sativa growth pattern, producing ...

    Bundle packs available from £8.00

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